Why Springboard Houston?

Because we’re the most innovative event an artist could ever hope to find. And that means we attract the best musical talent to perform for our hometown.


By offering artists much more than just the opportunity to rock one of our stages. In fact, performing is just one of the constellation of opportunities we provide our performers.

Every year, we host The Band Bootcamp with our nonprofit partner Sustainable Artists – it puts performers in front of a group of professionals that’s legitimately unparalleled in Houston. We’re talking about people involved in launching and guiding superstars like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Guns N Roses…over the last decade, we’ve accumulated an amazing list of mentors for our performers (if you’re interested in reading more, head over here).


That we’re able to attract serious talent. Every year, we are able to bring a sharper set of artists to the actual performances because the talent legitimately wants to be there.

And they have serious motivation to deliver the performance of their careers. The audience isn’t just filled with fans, it’s packed with the same industry pros that act as mentors. So you know the walls will be shaking.

Still need convincing? Check out the list of our Past Performers page. Learn more about the amazing bands who’ve participated in our festivals over the past twelve years.

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